Dalmia Private Industrial Training Institute

Rajgangpur ଡାଲମିଆ ଘରୋଇ ଶିଳ୍ପ ତାଲିମ ଅନୁଷ୍ଠାନ, ରାଜଗାଙ୍ଗପୁର

secretary's Message

secretary's Message

Industrial Training Institutes in Odisha, that includes DITI, face numerous challenges amidst abundant opportunities. The first challenge is to impart Craftsmen Training, which necessitates the assurance of quality and effectiveness of delivery methods. The second challenge is to address the issue of integration in the context of dynamic business environment. The third challenge is to standardize our way of imparting training, and continuously developing instructors to meet the requirement of Industrial needs and expectation.

At DITI, we are well equipped to face all these challenges. Our focus is to make the talents employable with multi skills, cultivate & nurture good personality to meet the demand of growing industrialization in the state. We ensure this within a stringent framework, through rigorous evaluations processes and more importantly with a dedicated and competent team of facilitators. We envisage that the changing business scenario will make us lookout for collaborative arrangement in days to come.

Sri Prakash Agarwal

Secretary, Dalmia Private Industrial Training Institute